This will be a guideline on how I will review books and give a general idea of what books I read and review. I will outline a list of what will be require in order for a book to be review.

What type of books do I like to read?

Type of genre: I will read in every genre. There are some genre I read more then others however, I will not say no to a book that in a genre I don't read many books from. If you have any romance or  western recommendation then please throw them my way. 

Under the radar books: My focus when I first started this blog was to find books that are hidden gems and are less talk about. A majority of the books that will be review are older and/or not well known. Every now and then a current popular book will be review on this blog, but there will be not be any post on anticipated new release. 

Demographic: Books for middle grade, YA, and adult books will be find on this blog. I am slowly moving away from reading middle and YA books. Especially YA books. As time goes on there will be less of those books. Doesn't mean I will stop read those books all together. I will dip in to those books every now and again if they peck my interest. 

What will be in my reviews:

1. Target audience: I would write what the target audience is for the book being review. 
MG - recommended for age 8 to 12
Upper MG or older MG - recommended for age 12 to 14

YA - 14 to 16
Upper YA or older YA - 16+

Adult - 18+ some times I will put YA/Adult or older YA/Adult. A book may be place in the adult section at a library/bookstore but, can be appropriate for teens. Teens should not be intimidated by adult books. In fact they should be encourages to read them. 

Keep in mind that this is my age recommendation. It all comes down to the maturity of a person. A lot of times MG and YA or YA and Adult can overlap. I never was too reliant on age defining what book someone can and cannot read. 

4. Point of view: Not must to tell. Whether a book is first or third person and if possible second person.

 5. Setting(s)/world building: Where a book take place (note: some books may have more than one setting). Is it a well structure world? Does it make sense?  

 6.Character: Who are the character and are they round or flat? Do they develop with the plot are they something to remembers for a long time?  

 7. Plot Is it a strong or weak plot and are there multiple plot lines? 

8. Speed: Does the book move at a slow, fair, or fast paces? 

9. Writing: What the writing is like. If I like it or not.

 10.  The good, the bad and the ugly In my own opinion, I will tell what good about the book and what bad about it. 

11. Spoilers: All my non-spoiler reviews will be on goodread. I feel like I can't write a deep review with out giving spoilers.

12. Rating: I'll base my rating on 20 points base on Plot, Character, and Writing. Five points for each category, only going up to 15. That way it leaves room for extra points to add depending how much I enjoy the book. My point system is base on the quality of the story and noting else. I do not do star rating on this blog instead their on Goodreads and their base on the enjoyment of the book.   

Conclusion: Now that I explain my review guideline, I hope it helpful. Over time it will change as I review more books and get better at reviewing books. This is just guideline to go by and not everything I list will always be in my reviews. 

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