Warrior Cats

The Warrior Cat series is my childhood. If people can re-read their childhood favorite, harry potter every month. Then why can't I re-read my childhood favorite. There are other books that turn kids into readers besides HP. I first read Warrior Cats in fifth grade and its what turn me into a reader. 

Warrior Cats is a large and complex series. To keep my blog from being over saturated with warrior I don't talk about these books a whole lot. I not trying to keep it a secret that I read Warrior Cats nor do I care if anyone knows. For crying out loud I read kids books okay. I'm open and willing to read any type of book. 

Since I'm an quote on quote "expert" with the series I have construed a guide of the series to the best of my ability. As more books come out I haven't kept up with the newer books. This will be a guide to what I read and as I re-read the series I will add when the book come into place.

The list is in chronological order and not in the main reading order. The entrance series that readers are recommend to start with is mark with an asterisk (*).

Prequels to the first six books - These books are stand alone books where the side characters from Into the Wild are the main character in their own story. Each book serves as a prequel to Into the Wild and gives more complexities to the side characters. It's not recommended to start with these books, but you could if want to. 

Yellowfang's Secret

Bluestar's Prophecy

Crookedstar's Promise

The Beginning: Into the Wild*  - This is the place to start. Your discovering the world of the clan cats along side a young Firestar. By starting here you have more in common with Firestar as an outsider. Also with Firestar your learning the clans ways and customs. 

1. Into the Wild

2. Fire and Ice

3. Forest of Secrets

review of books 1,2,& 3

4. Rising Storm

5. A Dangerous Path

6. The Darkest Hour

review of books 4,5,& 6

Stand-alone before the next series - Its not necessary to read this book. I will say there is some major foreshadowing as well as a deeper meaning to Firestar's words to "How will the fifth clan find us?"

Firestar's Quest

The New Prophecy

1. Midnight

2. Moonrise

3. Dawn

review of books 1,2,& 3




review of books 4,5&, 6

Stand-alone before next series - Again not necessary, but it does give you more context to the series.

Skyclan' s Destiny

Power of three

1. The Sight

2.Dark River



5.Long Shadows


Omen of the Stars

1.The Fourth Apprentice

2. Fading Echoes

3. Night Whispers

4. Sign of the Moon

5. The Forgotten Warrior

6. The Last Hope

After Omen of the Stars there are two more series plus a prequal series and I have not read any of those series. One I get around to reading them they will soon be added.

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